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Mieux comprendre l'actualité européenne grâce à l'éclairage de confé invité.es lors de conférences-débats programmées dans le cadre du Programme International MINERVE et du master Études européennes et internationales, mais ouvertes à tou.tes.

Au Programme au 2nd semestre - 18h/20h

Dates et lieux et thèmes
Lundi 30 janvier
Salle CLI.036
Pascale Vogel: Modern slavery
Pascale Vogel studied law in France before completing her studies in the UK and qualifying as a solicitor in England in 2005. She first practiced as a project finance solicitor for 12 years in the City of London before switching her practice to immigration law, human rights and public law representing asylum seekers and victims of trafficking. She moved back to France in 2018. She is now lecturing in European Law and International Institutions at UCLy in Lyon.
Mercredi 1er mars
Salle CLI.006
Matthew Currie: Brexit: why did UK sanction itself?
Matthew Currie is a second year Master’s student in International Affairs at the Geneva Graduate Institute and works part time for an NGO in international security. Having studied French and Philosophy at undergraduate level in Edinburgh, he speaks French and Italian and is an avowed Europhile. He was 18 when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, which he sees as the moment that continues to define British politics - and his own life - today.
Lundi 6 Mars

William Ranval: What is the place of nuclear in the European energy mix?
William Ranval took his duties as ENISS Director in Brussels on 1st January 2018. ENISS is an association of nuclear installation license holders from 14 European countries which interacts with key stakeholders on safety and regulatory matters, e.g. WENRA, IAEA, the European Commission (

Mr Ranval holds some other positions in international fora, for instance as the EDF member of the European Utilities Requirements Steering Committee.

He has built his experience in nuclear safety through diverse management and technical positions within the EDF Group for 30 years, from R&D to industrial applications. This includes experience in China, and also in the UK where he was involved in the EPR Generic Design Assessment, and the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Site License.

William Ranval holds a Master degree of Mechanical and Energy Engineering from Arts et Métiers Paris Tech., which was followed by a research position in 1991-1992 in Thermodynamic System Modelling at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the USA.

Mercredi 5 avril

Niall Bond, What might the term “community” in the European Communities possibly refer to?
With a Ph.D. in politics and German from the Albrecht-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, a habilitation from the EHESS and a position as associate researcher at the University of Johannesburg’s department of sociology, Niall Bond lectures in the history of political, social, economic and juridical ideas, translation and interpretation at University Lyon 2. He has published more than 75 works, articles and chapters in six languages and translated works, inter alia Tönnies’ Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft between French, English and German in all directions and worked extensively as a conference interpreter, inter alia Euronews and for the European Central Bank. He was founder of a Jean Monnet module.

Mercredi 19 avril
Salle CLI.006
Oissila Saaïdia: The so-called Islamic Headscarf in Muslim and European Societies : History of an Age Old Debate (XIXe-XXIe centuries)
Oissila Saaïdia is a graduate in Arabic language, culture and civilization. She has a doctorate in Contemporary History and she’s able to direct and supervise PhD students. Currently, she is a Senior PhD Professor in Contemporary History at the University of Lyon 2. For four years, she was the director of a French institute of research in Tunis (IRMC/CNRS) with a regional competence (Tunisia, Algeria and Libya). She also resided in the Middle East for a few years, specifically during her PhD (Egypt, Syria and Lebanon). She’s interested by Religious challenges around the Mediterranean and the relationship between Religions and Politics. Her last book, The so-called Islamic Headscarf in Muslim and European Societies : History of an Age Old Debate (XIXe-XXIe centuries), will be published at the Editions du Cerf by Spring 2023.

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