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Research and Study Group for the Mediterranean and Middle-East


Axe(s) of research

Under the name of the Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée', GREMMO brings together researchers and lecturers/researchers from various disciplines: anthropology, sociology, geography, political sciences, history, archaeology, Arab literature and civilisation, Islamic studies.

The team's European scientific activity is focused on Arab/Muslim societies from the classical Islamic period up to present times. Made up of an initial core team working on the contemporary Arab Middle East, work has now been extended to three areas:  historians and archaeologist of Islam in the Near and Middle East on one hand, and those focusing on the totality of the Eastern Mediterranean as inherited from the Ottoman Empire, particularly in Cyprus and Turkey, as well as on the Arabian Peninsula.

This expansion is based on two hypotheses:

- continuous cultural development transcending political ruptures which justifies a diachronic approach to study of Islamic societies over a long period of time as well as the relationship between contemporary societies and their past

- the importance of the Ottoman legacy for understanding Eastern Mediterranean societies, as well as that of a perspective-based approach to their respective evolution, even though these nations have, to some extent, turned their backs on one anther following the collapse of the Empire in spite of (or because of) their shared history.


The group researchers' scientific reflection, their individual research as well as participation in collective programmes are organised around three thematic axes:

- Knowledge and power: genesis of traditions and reinvented traditions
- State, mediation and territories
- Urban life trends

Associated research programmes carried out along these axes are executed in collaboration with research bodies of the countries concerned (French institutes, universities and local research teams).



The team issues two periodicals: Les Cahiers du GREMMO (10 issues published)

  • David J.C., Delpal C., Alep, passage vers l'Orient, AEDELSA, 2003
  • David J.C., Degeorge G., Alep, Flammarion, 2002
  • Toelli H., Zakharia K., A la découverte de la littérature arabe, Flammarion, 2003
  • Bohas G., Zakharia K., 3 et 4 vol. de S. Baybars, IFPO, 2002 et 2003
  • Meouchy N. et alii, Les mandats français et anglais dans une perspective comparative, Brill (Leiden, Boston), 2003
  • Ferjani M. Ch.,. et alii, Le réformisme musulman et sa réception dans les sociétés arabes (ouvrage coordonné par Ferjani M. Ch. et Kawakibi S.), 2003
  • Mermier F., et alli, Mondialisation et nouveaux médias dans l'espace européen, Maisonneuve et Larose, 2003


  • CEDEJ (Cairo)
  • CERMOC (Amman - Beirut)
  • CFEY (Sanaa)
  • IFAPO (Damascus)
  • IFPO (Damascus)
  • IUED (Geneva)
  • General Direction of Antiquities and Museums (Syria, Turkey and Armenia)
  • The Lebanese University (Beirut)
  • University of Saint Joseph (Beirut)
  • IRMC (Tunisia)
  • The Jacques Berque Centre (Rabat)
  • IRD (Paris)
  • URBAMA (Tours)
  • IREMAM (Aix-en-Provence) and MMSH


    • 11 research lecturers
    • 4 researchers
    • 1 engineer, technical and administrative staff
    • 17 PhD students
    • 5 Post-graduate PhD students
    • 22 associated researchers

    Statutory Members

    Bennafla Karine - Boissière Thierry - Camelin Sylvaine - Cheiban Ali - David Jean-Claude - Ferjani Chérif - Legrain Jean-François - Longuenesse Elisabeth - Méouchy Nadine - Mutin Georges - Piedimonte Agnès - Sahloul Hassan - Sanmartin Olivier - Trabelsi Salah - Velud Christian - Zakharia Katia


    [en]Infos pratiques

    • [en]Reconnaissance : Recognised by The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research)
    • [en]Courriel : gremmo@mom.fr
    • on Internet : http://www.mom.fr/gremmo


    • Lyon cedex 07
    • [en]Téléphone : + 33 (0)4 72 71 58 43
    • [en]Fax : + 33 (0)4 78 58 01 48


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