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Reading and Reception of Contemporary Texts


Axe(s) of research

The LERTEC research and reception team was created in 1995 further to the merging of the Theatre and cinema research group and the Centre for research on contemporary literature at Lyon 2 University and close links with the Jean Tardieu Readers' association. Since 2003, it has also focused on two other topics: comparative linguistics/literature and Francophonie, texts and language. While carrying out research in these various fields within the scope of specific seminars, LERTEC focuses on the meeting points between literature, theatre, cinema and photography during the 20th century based on common reflection. Through studies led on authors considered as minor by the critics, widely recognised works but the critical approach of which would make it possible to reassess their place within this century or issues which cross our modernity, the research group focuses on all phenomena concerning reading and reception. LERTEC particularly aims at developing research around various aspects of contemporary creation. Further to Lire Duras' (Reading Duras) and the publication of Portraits de l'écrivain contemporain' (Portraits of contemporary writers), our works show the interdisciplinary dimension of our research, in particular through colloquia and collective works such as Deleuze and the writers, Mémoires en miroir' (mirrored memories), Le fait divers' (news items), Jean Tardieu et le theatre' (Jean Tardieu and drama), Genet aujourd'hui (Genet revisited), etc.

  • Generic similarities: Literature, theatre, cinema and photography: Adaptation, influences, relationships, convergence and specificities.
  • Reception: Memory: The Second World War in descendants' fiction - Letters and voices: texts at the theatre, dubbing at the cinema - Genet - Critical works.
  • Poesy and poetics: Jean Tardieu Studies Centre - Contemporary poetic collection: Frénaud, Tardieu, Ponge.
  • Fiction issues: Autobiographies and accounts - Accounts and history - Fiction and documents - Cinematographic documentaries - News items.
  • Geopolitical listing of literary genres during the 20th century. Exile and literature
  • Stylistics and critical reading. Syllepses. Words in sentences.

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      • CIEREC (Interdisciplinary Centre for Studies and Research on Contemporary Expression), Saint Etienne University
      • LP 12 CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) Laboratory of performing arts: Béatrice Picon-Vallin's team
      • Frankfurt University
      • ENS Lettres et sciences humaines' (Higher Education and Research Institution in Humanities), Lyon


      • 32 research lecturers
      • 75 PhD students
      • 8 temporary teachers and researchers

      Statutory members
      André Emmanuelle - Barnier Martin - Bonn Charles - Boyer-Weinmann Martine - Burgelin Claude - Carlat Dominique - Corger Jean-Claude - Coste Sophie - Debreuille Jean-Yves - Fontvieille Agnès - Gardies André - Gaubert Serge - Gelas Bruno - Gerstenkorn Jacques - Hamon-Siréjols Christine - Kuntz Hélène - Louette Jean-François - Martin Jean-Pierre - Maza Monique - Michel Chantal - Micolet Hervé - Palazzolo Claudia - Perrot Danielle - Queffelec Christine - Roche Roger-Yves - Roger Philippe - Rogniat Evelyne - Schapira Marie-Claude - Schmitt Michel P. - Stistrup Jensen Merete - Thonnerieux Stéphanie - Wahl Philippe


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