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Mediterranean and Orient Research Centre - Jean Pouilloux


Axe(s) of research

The Mediterranean and Orient Research Centre Jean Pouilloux (MOM), the research federation CNRS - University Lumière Lyon 2, is a member of the national Humanities Centre (MHS) network. It was founded in 1975 by Jean Pouilloux, one of the professors at the University.
The MOM unites and houses research units which concentrate mainly on the study of civilisations in the Mediterranean, the Near and Middle East, of both antiquity and the modern age.
Already involved in programmes concerning the West, the MOM indicated, in 2003, its willingness to open itself up to units engaged in the study of western Mediterranean and mainland archaeology.
The organisation instigates unifying scientific programmes (with common research subjects) and encourages the creation of new target areas in support of young researchers' projects, and manages sites which allow constitutional units to try out new research tools in practice.
To its members, the organisation offers eight common facilities: the library, the cartography department, images, publications, secure network system, external relations and their communication systems, general secretarial support, internet and database access..

MOM's competences were acknowledged by the creation of five technological platforms under CNRS which were put at the disposal of the scientific community: image and text based databanks, geomatic facilities (information on space and archaeology), document network gateways (Frantiq and First Christian Millennium); digital documents, dating 14C.

Scientific projects

  • Common research subjects
Man and the Earth
Historic heritage, national identities and political stakes
Invention and discovery
Cities and urban order
  • Sites
Multilingual database access
Internet research guides
Archive digitalisation
Multimedia tools
  • New projects :
Young researcher projects
Specific projects


MOM has its own publishing facilities. It has published two MOM publications: TMO (MO Works, 38 issues published) mainly joint works, occasionally author's works in areas requiring extensive graphic equipment, and CMO (MO Collections, 31 issues published) dedicated mostly to text publications (history, literature, philosophy, religion, etc.). One to three works are published per year in each collection.
Another two collections are published jointly. The first; Orient-Méditerranée, which is published with Maisonneuve and Larose, Paris, covers the Muslim East, history and modern world (4 issues published since 2001). The other, BAR International/MOM, which is published jointly with Archaeopress, Cambridge UK, deals with prehistory, geography and ethno-archaeology in the Mediterranean and the Middle East (12 issues published).


  • library, open to the public members
  • map library
  • image digitalisation machine
  • computer networks and equipment
  • cartography service specialising in GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • document databases
  • radio-carbon dating centre (technological platform)


    • Humanities Centres (MSH network)
    • Departments of Antiquity from a dozen countries in the Near and Middle East. 
    • French School in Athens 
    • The Louvre Museum 
    • The Institute of Archaeology in Warsaw 
    • Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Archaeology, Institute of Oriental Studies) 
    • University Institute of Development Studies 
    • University Institute for Studies and Development in Geneva


    29 engineering, technical and administrative staff

    Statutory members
    Barge O. - Burghart M. - Calvet M-A. - Capisano F. - Desfarges P. - Disch S. - Dubois O. - Duperray D. - Faure V. - Gautin C. - Grandjean V. - Guillen M. - Iacovella A. - Kalai N. - Kuntziger B. - Lacroix V. - Leonhardt J-L. - Loison S. - Maréchal C. - Martin F. - Mollon N. - Montmessin Y. - Muller J. - Parmentier R. - Pervier-Guilbaud O. - Philippe P. - Piredda E. - Sanz S. - Youssef M.


    Other information

    Four joint research units CNRS/University
    • Archéorient - Environment and Societies of the Ancient Orient
    • HISOMA - History and Sources of the Antique World 
    • GREMMO - Mediterranean Research and Study Group
    • Archeometry and archaeology - Origin, dating and technology of materials
    A young university group

    A developing research training scheme

    The Lyon branch of the IRAA - Antique Architecture Research Institute

    A university team

    Latin scientific and technical texts - The Jean Palerne Centre, Jean Monnet University, Saint-Étienne

    [en]Infos pratiques

    • [en]Reconnaissance : Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche (The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research), CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)
    • [en]Courriel : mom@mom.fr
    • on Internet : http://www.mom.fr


    • 5/7 rue Raulin
      69365 Lyon cedex 07
    • [en]Téléphone : + 33 (0)4 72 71 58 00
    • [en]Fax : + 33 (0)4 78 58 12 57


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