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Institute of East Asian Studies

Axe(s) of research

The Lyons Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO) is a centre for research in human and social sciences. It brings together scholars from fields such as anthropology, law, economics, geography, history, literature, philosophy and political sciences. The primary focus of their work is East and South-East Asia, especially China, Korea, Japan, Laos, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Objectives, research projects and academic events

The IAO’s primary objective is to foster the output of academic studies and publications that will contribute to greater knowledge of the cultural, social, economic and political dynamics at work in East and South-East Asia.

The Institute conducts both intra-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research on environmental issues, and technological and institutional innovation. It works closely with research teams in Asia, North America and Europe through exchange programs in the form of seminars and workshops.

At the same time, the Institute disseminates similar research from other centres around the world to local scholars and students at the University of Lyons as well as to the wider public. This is done through research seminars, exhibitions and other scientific and cultural events.

Documentary resources and training through research

Under its research programmes, the IAO places documentary resources (the IAO Asian Language collections at the Bibliothèque Diderot as well as online resources) at the disposal of the academic community. It also develops tools for data viewing and analysis, especially under the Virtual cities programme, using geographical information systems.

The IAO gives expert guidance and support to students preparing Ph.Ds and Master’s degrees, especially Master’s in Contemporary East Asian Studies and Chinese Studies at the Lyons Ecole Nationale Supérieure and the Master of History degree at the University of Lyons 2.
With a wealth of experience and expertise to offer in Asian studies, the Lyons Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO) is fully committed to training for research. Eight members of our team are qualified and accredited directors of Ph. D theses. The activity of our research team revolves around a monthly research seminar, doctoral workshops and symposiums.

Since Autumn 2009, the IAO has bolstered its position in high-level doctoral training through a joint PhD programme organised with the University of Tohoku in Japan under the latter’s ambitious Global Center of Excellence project. The IAO is also heavily involved in the training of doctoral students under an agreement between the Ecole Normale Supérieure schools in Lyons, Cachan and Ulm and the East China Normal University (Shanghai). IAO members also sit on dissertation committees at Stanford and UC Berkeley and on PhD examination juries in many other countries.

The IAO runs three pedagogical training programmes: two Master’s research degrees and one University Diploma (DUMEOC) These are the:

The Institute also participates in a program of Asian Legal Studies run by the University of Lyons 3

Basic courses, courses in methodology and research seminars are conducted on our own premises by the IAO’s teacher/research staff who also supervise dissertations and theses. Three to five doctoral theses and a considerably greater number of MA dissertations are supervised and presented every year.

Main areas of research

  • Research area 1: Cultures, societies and institutions
    Headed by: J. Bourgon and R. Graziani
  • Research area 2: Urban words, territories and borders
    Headed by : C. Henriot and S. Corcuff
  • Research area 3: Innovation, sustainable development and welfare
    Headed by: J-P. Bassino and A-M. Rieu


  • 3 researchers
  • 11 research lecturers
  • 6 engineering, specialist and administrative staff
  • 23 PhD students
  • 13 associate researchers
  • organigramme

Statutory members
Bassino Jean-Pascal - Bourgon Jérôme - Cornet Christine - Feng Yi - Gédéon Laurent - Graziani Romain - Guillemot François - Henriot Christian - Jaluzot Béatrice - Laureillard Marie - Lecler Yveline - Lejeune Aurélie - Peyvel Emmanuelle - Rieu Alain-Marc - Shi Lu - Sugita Kurumi - Danielle Tan -Yamamoto Miyuki - Zhang Yu

[en]Infos pratiques

  • [en]Reconnaissance : Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche (The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research), CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)
  • on Internet : http://iao.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr


  • École Normale Supérieure de Lettres et Sciences Humaines
    15 Parvis René-Descartes - BP 7000
    69342 Lyon cedex 07
  • [en]Téléphone : + 33 (0) 4 37 37 64 33
  • [en]Fax : + 33(0)4 37 37 64 76
  •  Status and location

    The Institute was set up in 1992, and the Descartes campus of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon has been its home since 2002.

    The Institute enjoys the status of a joint research unit collaborating with the French National Research Centre (CNRS) and three academic institutions of the University of Lyons — these are the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, which is its main supervisory body, the Lyons Institute of Political Studies (IEP de Lyon) and the Université Lumière Lyon 2.

    In 2010, the IAO was evaluated by the AERES (the Paris-based "Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education") and received the A+ grade, the highest in its scale. The agency’s report can be viewed online: (Rapport AERES IAO 2010).


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