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Decision & Information Sciences for Production Systems

Axe(s) of research

The DISP (Decision & Information Sciences for Production Systems) laboratory, EA 4570, belongs to several institutions (INSA-Lyon, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and University Lumière Lyon 2) and was created on 1st January 2011.

Our research deals with the design and application of decision-making methods and information systems in order to improve the performance of systems producing goods and services, networked companies and global supply chains. The originality of this laboratory is its skills both in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science for companies. These skills allow studying the organisation and control of production systems in all their dimensions, viz., technical, organisational and human. The main research topics of the laboratory are listed here under:

Organisation, Coordination, Control

Modelling, Integration, Information System

The laboratory members of Lyon 2 University are the MISI Team (Modelling, Integration, Information Systems. The main research areas developed by this team are related to the Information Systems (IS) required by the management and data and knowledge of products, services and their supporting systems (maintenance, logistics systems, management of end of life, etc.). The work concerns the modelling, integration and evaluation of the SI, as well as the implementation of approaches and tools for decision support, such as the analysis and simulation of business processes.


Software Platforms : Flow simulations, Optimisation, ERP, PLM, WMS, APS,... 

Research Projects

The MISI Team is involved in many national and international projects:

FP7 EASY-IMP Project
: The DISP MISI team from the IUT Lumière Lyon 2 is one of the European FP7 Easy IMP partners. This project which started on September 1st 2013 gathers european teams of 12 researchers and industrials http://www.easy-imp.eu/fr . The goal of EASY is to develop new methodologies, tools and ready-to-use components for designing and producing intelligent wearables as Meta-Products.

FP7 FITMAN Project - Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries : The DISP-MISI Team is one of the 27 members of the European project FITMAN FI-PPP (2013-2015) http://www.fitman-fi.eu/ which aims is is to provide the FI PPP Core Platform with 10 industry-led use case trials in the domains of Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories of the Future. FITMAN Trials (4 conducted by Large Enterprises, 6 by SMEs) will test and assess the suitability, openness and flexibility of FI-WARE Generic Enablers while contributing to the STEEP (social-technological-economical-environmental-political) sustainability of EU Manufacturing Industries.

Erasmus Mundus Projects
 : The DISP-MISI Team members are curently involved into 3 Erasmus Mundus projects EMA2: eTourism (2010-2014) http://iutcerral.univ-lyon2.fr, cLink (2012-2016) http://www.clink-edu.eu and Fusion (2013-2017) http://fusion-edu.eu

These projects gather 13 Asian partners (Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, China, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan) and 9 European partners (Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Hungary)

Hubert Curien Partnership with China
: CAI YUANPEI PHC Programme. 2012-2014 "Sustainable Product Life cycle Management": The DISP-MISI team from the IUT LUMIERE, University Lyon 2 and Shanghai SJTU University settled a partnership under CAI YUANPEI 2012-2014 project. This project deals with scientific and industrial problematics of the Eco-PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

Scientific Valorisation

Edition of international Journals : International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management (Editor-in-Chief), International Journal of Product Development (Associated Editor).

Co-management of international Conferences (DISP-Lyon 2 co-founder): IFIP PLM, IEEE SKIMA, IFIP PALM PhD Workshop,...



  1. Learned Society: IFIP (International Federation of Information Processing), IFAC (International Federation of Automation Control), IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineering), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), INTEROP V-Lab (GIS Inter-operability), DS (Design Society).
  2. Belonging to research groups GDR CNRS MACS, ARCs Rhône Alpe 3, 7 and 8
  3. Expertises: Evaluation committees ANR, CNU 61, EU FP7 Erasmus-Mundus, AERES, EU Competence Centers, Higher Education Ministeries (Greace, Thailand, Maroco,....)
  4. Collaboration with soci-economic actors: Support in the creation of 2 start-up, Partnership with EDF, Rhodia, Sanofi Pasteur, Thalès, Audros Technology, etc.


The DISP Laboratory is composed of 52 members (22 of whom are from Lyon 2 University) : 21 teacher-researcher (6 from Lyon 2), 1 administrative staff, 25 PhDs (12 from Lyon 2), 2 post-doctorates (2 from Lyon2) and 3 ATER (2 from Lyon 2).

Head of MISI Team : Yacine Ouzrout

MISI Team members: Abdelaziz Bouras, Aurélie Charles, Sébastien Henry, Néjib Moalla, Antoine Nongaillard et Aicha Sekhari.

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  • [en]Reconnaissance : Recognised by the Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche (The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research)
  • on Internet : http://disp-lab.fr/en


  • IUT Lumière
    Université Lumière Lyon 2
    160 Boulevard de l’Université
    69676 Bron cedex
  • [en]Téléphone : (+33) 4 78 77 44 84

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