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Before departing

[en]Publié le October 21, 2013

Before coming to the University, there a few things you will need to do. Outlined below are some formalities which you will need to be familiar with in order to understand the situation more clearly. The information below is aimed at helping you prepare your arrival in Lyon as easily as possible...

  • Before taking any steps towards enrolment you are advised to closely study the content of the various courses offered by the University.
  • Enrolment request :

    • Students coming from outside the European Union must submit a Request for Preliminary Admission (fr. Demande d'Admission Préalable or DAP) to the French Embassy as a step towards enrolment in the 1st or the 2nd year of any Bachelor's Degree (fr. Licence) between December and January.
    • From the 3rd year of an undergraduate course onwards, you will need to submit an Access Request (fr. demande d'accès) to Campus France from January in order to enrol. For countries without Campus France, you need to submit the Access Request (fr. demande d'accès) downloaded directly from the university website to the office corresponding to your diploma (fr. Secrétariat) around April.

  • Plan your budget :

To study in France you will need sufficient financial resources. Indeed, University Lyon 2 does not provide any study grants and the préfecture will ask you for proof of monthly income of at least € 615 before it can issue a carte de séjour.
Furthermore, it may be difficult and take a long time before you will be able to get a job as a student (there are few jobs, you will need a work permit, the number of hours you are allowed to work is limited etc.).
When renting accommodation, you will be asked in most cases to provide 2-3 times your monthly rent as a deposit, as well as to name a French resident as a co-signer (a person who can prove possession of sufficient funds and who is prepared to accept the obligation to settle your rent should you run into financial difficulties).
Finally the enrolment fees at Lyon 2 are around € 400 including the social security fee.

Here are some typical examples of living costs in France to help you compare it with those of your country:

  1. Private accommodation = between EUR 350 and EUR 500
  2. Monthly public travel card = EUR 28
  3. Meal at the University restaurant = EUR 3
  4. Loaf of bread = EUR 0.90
  5. Newspaper = EUR 1.20
  6. Cinema ticket = EUR 7.5
  7. Compact Disk = EUR 20
  8. Pack of cigarettes = EUR 7
  9. Postage stamp = EUR 0.57
  10. One night at a youth hostel = from EUR 18
  11. Walk along the banks of the river Saône or Rhône = Free !

On the other hand, once you have your carte de séjour and accommodation you may qualify for housing benefit.
This allowance usually covers at least one quarter of your rent.

  • Don't forget to prepare all the documents you are likely to need for various and numerous administrative procedures :

    • Documents required for the carte de séjour :
      • passport bearing a long-term student visa ;
      • birth certificate indicating parents' details (name, date and place of birth) ;
      • certificate of residence / confirmation of accommodation ;
      • Student Card / Study certificate ;
      • Proof of funds :
        • confirmation of sponsorship by a French resident (who will need to submit: a certificate of sponsorship specifying the family relationship with the sponsored person if applicable, confirmation of the sponsor's status as well as proof of the sponsor's income),
        • or confirmation, issued by a French bank, of the person's bank account with sufficient credit ;
        • or grant confirmation for persons sponsored by the French government  ;
        • for students from the European Economic Zone, a written statement confirming possession of sufficient funds ;
      • 3 ID photographs (on light grey or light blue background, with ears visible);
      • certificate of health insurance for persons over 28 ;
      • valid identity document (passport,  identity card) ;
      • vaccination record ;
      • fiscal stamp O.M.I' for Euro 58.

    • Documents required for enrolment :
      • academic certificates (diplomas and copy of grades) ;
      • 4 ID photographs ;
      • E128 form, issued by your health authority if coming from the European Union.

    • Documents frequently required for accommodation :
      • proof of income from the person standing security for you (pay slips, bank account details, rent slip, tax return or similar) ;
      • residence document from the person standing security for you
All these documents (except visas and passport) must be translated into French.
Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to have several certified photocopies for all translated documents.


Service des Relations Internationales (SRI)
  1. Person to contact for students outside exchange programs : Eliane Gastaldo
+33 4 78 77 31 75 (all days except Tuesday)
+ 33 4 78 69 73 36 (on Tuesdays)
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