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A few steps not to miss when you arrive in Lyon

[en]Publié le October 21, 2013

In order to help you, we have prepared a summary of all you have to do once you are in Lyon.


Step 1: Complete your enrolment at university

  • administrative : at the Enrolment centre (Centre d’inscriptions), 4 bis rue de l’université, Lyon 7e before the end of September. Please remember that you will have to register at the LMDE or SMERRA for the social security system if you are under 28 years old.
  • in your department : enquire at the office (secrétariat) in charge of your diploma.

Step 2: ask for your residence permit

(OFII or Préfecture)
You can get the list of the documents needed at our offices (DRI).

Step 3: open a bank account

Step 4: find an accommodation

You can look on the Webetu (Bazar>location, co-location) or ask in our offices for help.

Step 5: ask for a housing benefit

Complete the form from the CAF (www.caf.fr) as soon as possible.

Step 6: find a job if you need one

Again, you can have a look at the Webetu (Job page) or you can have a look at the ads on www.pole-emploi.fr , at the CRIJ or in free newspapers such as DirectMatin, Paru Vendu or Top Annonces.

Step 7: get some help for your budget if you need it

You will be put in relation with organisations, social assistants, etc.

Step 8: cultural activities

Come and tell us what you would like, some workshops can be put in place. You can also be put in relation with student organisations, the cultural office of the university or the cultural institutions of the city.


Service des Relations Internationales (SRI)
  1. Person to contact for students outside exchange programs : Eliane Gastaldo
+33 4 78 77 31 75 (all days except Tuesday)
+ 33 4 78 69 73 36 (on Tuesdays)
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