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WIFI at Lyon 2

[en]Publié le June 12, 2009

Wireless surfing!

Wifi at Lyon 2 offers you the simplicity and comfort of wireless broadband on 2 campuses !

What is Wifi ?

It's a wireless broadband Internet connection.
In an effort to more easily facilitate your life on campus as far as possible, the University offers you wireless Internet access. If your computer is equipped with a WiFi card you can access the Digital Work Network, anywhere on the two campuses, using your Internet navigator (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc.).

Who can use Wifi ?

Everyone at the University - lecturers, members of staff, researchers, students - as well as visitors

Where can the Wifi service be accessed ?

With some forty repeaters linked up to WIFI-LYON2 and spread over both campuses, you can connect from the two University libraries (BU and Chevreul), as well as the Lumière IUT'.
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