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TICE courses

[en]Publié le October 25, 2005

The digital "Open Sesame" - providing students a compass for exploring the digital work envionment tools

Hands-on TICE* courses are now compulsory for all new students in the first year of undergraduate studies at Lyon 2 !

Four half-day courses are organised to bring students up to the digital heights of Lyon 2.

This year, TICE 2005' is part of a larger programme "PROLOGUE 2005".

This pre-curricular programme comprises two courses and a language classification assessment :
  • SPE (Student Project Awareness, fr. Sensibilisation au Projet de l'Étudiant)
  • TICE (Information and Communication Technology in Education)
  • Language Classification Test CLES (Higher Education Language  Proficiency Certificate, fr. Certificat de Compétences en langues de l'Enseignement supérieur).

Prologue programme description :

  • Participants: New students in the 1st year - 4 600 students trained
  • Objective: to allow newcomers to the University to familiarise themselves with the University's methods and acquire the computer skills necessary for using the digital work environment.
  • C2i training: This year the TICE course also includes training in three C2l modules (IT and Internet Certificate). The 3 modules are as follows:

  • B2: Information research

  • B6: Remote exchange and communication
  • B7: Remote management of workgroup projects

Students also benefit from additional courses which they have access to via the platform used in the 3 modules.

  • Two courses and a language classification test :
    • TICE (12h)
    • SPE (3h)
    • CLES (1h30 - individual test using the online course platform)
  • Duration : duesday to Friday
    • 4 consecutive half-days for TICE
    • 1 half day for SPE
    • 1h30 for CLES testing

*Information and Communication Technology in Education
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