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The CUMUL card

[en]Publié le October 25, 2005

A very useful card !

In order to facilitate life on campus at Lyon 2, the CROUS (regional student welfare and information centre) and the Rhône-Alpes Region, offer you the Multi-service University Card CUMUL'.

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With the same card you can access IT rooms, print out documents, obtain administration handouts, pay for meals at the University restaurant, get drinks from vending machines and so on.

The Multi-service University Card is personalised for each student and member of staff.

In December 2004, students of the University Lumière Lyon 2 even voted for their representatives using the CUMUL card - the first student elections using a 100% electronic voting system in Europe!


Access to certain databases containing personal information and/or certain functions are protected by a PIN code. Each PIN code is initially set by default to 0000'. Before you can use the card you will have to initialise the new code of your choice at one of the Cyber access' terminals. Entering a wrong code three times in a row will block your card.


  • Duration

The card is designed to be used over a period of 5 years.

Students : once your enrolment has been completed, a slip confirming your student status for the given year will be sent to you by post.

Members of staff : each year a new slip is automatically sent to all members of staff.

Service available

Access to

  • IT rooms
  • Controlled-access areas
  • Electronic attendance control
  • Parking facilities and areas reserved for staff
  • Certificates
  • Marking breakdowns

  • Enrolment in sports activities
  • Lease of library books
  • Grant processing acceleration

  • Printing services in IT rooms
  • Purchase of food and drinks from vending machines 
  • Purchases in the University Restaurant and Cafeteria 

How do I keep my details up-to-date?Borne Cumul

The updating of data contained on your card and the obtaining of administrative printouts can be effectuated using any of the Cyber access' terminals installed over both campuses.

How can I top up my card?

Cards can be topped up at the till of any of the University cafeterias using cash OR, using a credit card, at any of the Euro top-up machines (Fr. €-bornes ) installed around the campuses.

The CUMUL card in figures

  • Creation: September 2004
  • 30 000 cards distributed
  • 20 top-up machines 
  • Payment transactions using the CUMUL card: 16 274 meals at the University each month
  • 80 000 printouts and photocopies in open IT rooms
  • not forgetting the 200 access-control machines processing daily traffic figures in excess of 2 500 
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