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Digital Working Environment (fr. ENT)

[en]Publié le October 25, 2005

You've been dreaming about it... Lyon 2 has it !

The e-universe in three letters

The Digital Working Environment (ENT) project at Lumière Lyon 2 is part of a national, regional and local drive to accompany, support and assist individuals who make up the academic world (students, lecturers and other university staff) throughout their diverse field of activity; as part of basic training, research, advanced training or simple intellectual curiosity.

Consisting primarily of five large categories of tools (communication, reference, information management, pedagogy and e-administration), this constantly developing system srows with value everyday use.

The 5 ENT tool categories :

  • information : 3 portals (administration, staff and students), faculties' Internet sites, Web TV ;
  • communication : a virtual office full of advanced features for both individual and team work ;
  • pédagogie : on-line training centre ;
  • documentation : including Encyclopedia Universalis on-line, multi-lingual translator Ultralingua, theoretical resources and library catalogues ;
  • e-administration : access to various documents such as regulations, marking breakdowns, certificates, career history for staff - all at the click of a mouse.

Campus informationInformation Management

The ENT information management system consists of 3 portals, related Internet sites, distribution lists and Web TV.

The University's administration site provides information on:

  • courses offered by the University - international student services
  • enrolment, University services etc.

The student portal offers the student University news, information on cultural events and associations, jobs, small advertisements,  as well as access to reference materials - all supported by an on-line help facility. Students can contribute to the portal by participating in online forums on certain topics.

Like the other ENT tools, Web TV is accessible via the student portal. It offers 8 topical channels including University news, Student life, Languages, Art and culture, Students' work and Conferences. Each channel director runs his/her programme though a joint administration platform, which allows the addition of complementary information by way of links and attached documents, to each audio-visual sequence.
Thanks to video streaming technology, the duration of broadcasts may vary from just a few minutes to tens of minutes, without relying on the available disk space on the viewer's computer.

Campus Bureau virtuel Communication

The Lyon 2 Virtual Office is an integrated package comprising communication tools (multiple account mailbox system, SMS, multi-terminal distribution list), organisational tools (diary, notes, alerts, address book, internet favourites, calendar) and exchange tools (document downloading, chat, forums).

Students, lecturers and administrative staff can create workgroups and set the sharing criteria for each group.

The Virtual Office is, therefore, used as a workgroup tool allowing users to share their documents, diaries, web favourites, address books, or task lists. Members of a group can either participate in a forum or take part in a chat.
The Virtual Office can be accessed using a simple Internet navigator independent of the OS platform (Macintosh, Windows or Linux), even from a portable terminal (WAP, PDA or tablet PC).

The synchronisation function ensures the information is up-to-date at all times regardless of where you are (address book vCard, diary vCalendar, etc.)

Campus plateforme Pedagogy

The course platform (FourPoint) allows lecturers to publish course materials on line (Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, multimedia creations, HTML documents, SCORM courses).

The platform also allows the user to publish information notices to students, to assess work (using text with gaps, MCQs, correspondence tests) with a pre-set release time and date. Forums also provide an opportunity for exchange between lecturers.

Each lecturer can monitor his/her group's activity (test results, student's work progress).
The on-line course platform allows the student to widen his/her knowledge, test that knowledge or have it assessed using various tests.

Campus Encyclopédie Reference

The ENT reference system comprises the Encyclopedia Universalis on-line, the multi-lingual translator Ultralingua, on-line thesis, as well as documentary databases.

The Encyclopedia Universalis on-line, is a knowledge base accessible to the entire community of Lyon 2 thanks to the ENT's reference tool with 30 000 articles, 16 000 media files, an atlas containing 400 physical political and administrative maps, interactive scientific presentations plus complete monthly features on current affairs topics. All material can be accessed either from within the campus or via any internet-enabled computer.

The multi-lingual translator Collins-Lexibase is also part of the ENT Lyon2.
Accessible at all time, without having to interrupt work in progress, the system allows the user:
  • to translate a string of French text into English, Spanish, German, Italian and vice versa
  • to access definitions and synonyms from integrated dictionaries
  • to obtain all verb forms of any infinitive thanks to a multi-lingual verb conjugator.

Finally, the theoretical cyber material and document databases allow the user to locate and access works published on-line as well as consult various public archives and specialist libraries.

In the near future, new dictionaries and databases such as topical databases and Le Petit Robert' dictionary on-line are to be added to enrich the existing content available to students.

Campus Scolarité E-administration

The Administration Tool on the student portal can be used to view and print out regulations, marking breakdown, certificates and so on.

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