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University library's access

[en]Publié le December 1, 2005


Since public and University libraries should provide access for every one, these premises have been adapted and access to materials facilitated, as far as possible.

Accessing and moving around the libraries

  • Furthermore, almost all computer terminals are operated from a sitting position with tables high enough for persons in wheelchairs to access the database.

Various arrangements have also been made to make accessing materials as easy as possible. Please, however, do not hesitate to approach any member of staff or organise an appointment should you wish to visit the library and discover the tools and services on offer.

Available tools

  • For partially sighted persons special equipment is available at the reception desk Pôle Accueil - Lettres et Langues' of the university library which has a machine to enlarge the typeface of printed material (books, reviews etc) to any scale.

  • Partially sighted and blind persons can use the reading machine (Poet Compact).  This machine digitalises text and, synthesising speech, reads back the written word, which can by then by listened to or recorded using a USB socket.
  • For partially sighted and blind persons, a computer terminal with a 21 inch screen plus character-enlarging and voice-synthesising software (ZoomText and Jaws) is also available - this facilitating use of catalogues and databases.
  • For persons with a hearing impairment there are special terminals located around all University libraries, which offer easy access to catalogues, databases and the Internet, thus allowing a great degree of independence in research work.

Further information on the use of available tools can be obtained from Information Services. You may also contact Magali Bourges on 04 78 77 43 62 or Françoise Barré on 04 78 77 23 54
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