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The Disability Team (fr. Mission Handicap) in a few words...

[en]Publié le June 12, 2009

The Disability Team, part of Student Services, is there exclusively to offer support and assistance to students with a disability.

The role of and support given by the Disability Team is developing fast; in order to best cater for all disabilities, the Disability Team works in conjunction with the University Health Centre, with all University departments and services, as well as with advisors from the regional student welfare and advice centre CROUS'.
The policy regarding disabled student facilities is defined by the President of the University who also coordinates the Team's work. This post is currently occupied by Mr. Gérard BROYER, Professor of Psychology.

As of September 2005 the Disability Team has been located at Student Services (fr. MDE).  The Team is permanently localed in a dedicated area and is open from Monday 14:00 to Thursday 16:30. Louisa Charfa and Frédérik Guinard working under the head of Student Services, are in charge of reception. The Disability Team is supported by a clinical psychologist one day a week with appointments available on request.
Please note : there is no Disability Team branch on the Berges du Rhône' campus.

At the start of every academic year, throughout the month of September, four students are available on a full time basis to provide information about studies and to show students around the campus.

Please note : There is no lecturer-student tutoring, student-student sponsoring or proxy attendance permitted at Lyon 2 University. The Disability Team, however, does have a pedagogical representative at each faculty, who can provide assistance in case of a problem.


Campus Porte des Alpes
MDE - bureau 109

Phone :
Louisa Charfa
04 78 77 31 05

Frédérik Guinard
04 78 77 43 78

Fax : 04 78 77 31 40
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