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Support Services

[en]Publié le September 16, 2005

The Disability Team (fr. Mission Handicap) is there to provide support for students with a disability, regardless of the nature of their disability (mobility, hearing or visual impairment, psychological illness or disorder, speech disorder etc).

Students with a disability may chose to register as such at the time of enrolment. One of the documents in the student enrolment file offers various options such as exemption from regular attendance, extended course time, modified timetable, special study plan and general plan, additional time for examinations, photocopies...).

Any student wishing to register their disability should first make an appointment at the University Health Centre in order to obtain a corresponding medical certificate, which is valid for one year.  The student should then get in touch with the Disability Team which will help him/her organise his/her life at the University with maximum independence, according to the disability involved. The team will also introduce the student to people and places they are likely to need (admin, archives, restaurant) as well as areas dedicated to curricular and extra-curricular activities. Special access points adapted for the given disability and where available, will also be indicated.

The Disability Team also organises examinations for students with a disability who require special arrangements (continuous assessment and final exams), providing that the student has a corresponding certificate of disability issued by the Health Centre. Extra time for sitting examinations, in accordance with legal provisions, may be authorised, where examination takes place in a separate room.  Such examinations are overseen by an assistant-invigilator from the Disability Team.  Where necessary (in cases of quadriplegia or dyslexia), a student may be accompanied by a secretary-invigilator who writes down answers as dictated by the student.


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