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Access for the Disabled and Disability Awareness

[en]Publié le September 16, 2005

Accessibility is the main preoccupation of the Disability Team (fr. Mission Handicap), which works hard to raise awareness amongst the entire University population to the difficulties faced by students with a disability.

  • Access around the campus:
    • Special arrangements have recently been made: ramps facilitating access to premises, arrows and markings on the ground from train, tram and bus stops on the Bron - Portes des Alpes campus, reserved parking for the disabled (fr. GIHP), issue of badges allowing access to such parking spaces.
    • The importance of management involvement in issues concerning access to university premises has been exemplary (works for the installation of four lifts over both campuses 2004-2006). Certain buildings, however, remain inaccessible and where necessary, students are asked to change group in order to overcome this problem.
    • The Europe building is equipped with room number signs in Brail.

  • Awareness of the University community and actions
    • Awareness-raising activities for various types of disability were organised for the first time in September 2005 (notably for Student Services staff).This first awareness campaign focused on visual and hearing impairments and similar awareness campaigns, directed at both lecturers and students, are to be organised. If you are interested in getting involved please contact The Disability Team!
    • Furthermore, just like any other student, students with a disability can get involved in campus activities through one of student association programmes.


Campus Porte des Alpes
MDE - bureau 109

Phone :
Louisa Charfa
04 78 77 31 05

Frédérik Guinard
04 78 77 43 78

Fax : 04 78 77 31 40
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