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The Disability team in a few words...(fr. Mission Handicap)

The Disability Team, part of Student Services, is there exclusively to offer support and assistance to students with a disability.
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  • Support Services 

    The Disability Team (fr. Mission Handicap) is there to provide support for students with a disability, regardless of the nature of their disability (mobility, hearing or visual impairment, psychological illness or disorder, speech disorder etc). Read next page

  • Access for the Disabled and Disability Awareness 

    Accessibility is the main preoccupation of the Disability Team (fr. Mission Handicap), which works hard to raise awareness amongst the entire University population to the difficulties faced by students with a disability. Read next page

  • Useful links 

    The Disability Team (fr. Mission Handicap) of the University Lumière Lyon 2 is there for you - see below a few addresses which students with a disability, recently arrived in the city of Lyon may find useful. Read next page

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