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Cross-disciplinary perspectives on lexical blending

Vincent RENNER, François MANIEZ et Pierre ARNAUD (sous la direction de)

This volume brings together a well-selected collection of twelve articles which provides a comprehensive and very informative summary of contemporary work on lexical blending. It combines theoretically informed descriptions of typologically diverse languages, from Modern Greek and Polish to Farsi and Mandarin Chinese, and a number of contributions with a theoretically original focus. The subject is approached from a variety of disciplinary vantage points (morphological, semantic, phonological, cognitive), methodological approaches (experimental, statistical, corpus-based, contrastive) and theoretical frameworks (Combinatory Logic, formal semantics, Natural Morphology, Optimality Theory). It is the first book of its kind on the subject, and because of its cross-disciplinary nature, it will appeal not only to word-formation scholars and students, but also to a wide readership within the linguistics community.

Vincent Renner, François Maniez et Pierre Arnaud sont membres du laboratoire CRTT.


  • Type : Parution, Parution ouvrage scientifique
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