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New technology

[en]Publié le November 2, 2005

New technology is at the heart of education

Lyon 2 is a pioneer University in the educational use of information and communication technology for education (TICE). The digital work environment (ENT) was introduced at the University in 2003. The digital campus is a significant innovation in France.

THE ENT (Digital Working Environment) offers a wide range of tools enabling everyone at the university to gather information, documentation and exchange data. The ENT offer a real opportunity to acquire and share learning, research, documentation and communication methods.

Logo ENT

The ENT may be accessed via 3 portals:

This ENT comprises 5 groups of tools:

  • information: a student portal and WebTV for information about student, institutional, cultural and educational life;
  • communication : exchange, save, share, plan... whether you are alone or in a group, thanks to an online personal assistant: a virtual office;
  • education: tools and resources to discover, understand, learn and assess your progress;
  • documentation: a single point of access to library catalogues, documentary databases, encyclopedias and dictionaries;
  • e-management: your educational scholarship information, examination results and attendance certificates within easy reach.
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Carte cumul The Multi-service University Card (CUMUL)

In order to maker things easier for you on the campus, the University, the CROUS (the student representative body dealing with accommodation, catering etc.) and the Rhône-Alpes Region offer you this Multi-service University Card which will give you access to computer rooms, enable you to print out documents, obtain administrative forms, pay for meals at the University restaurant and drinks at automatic dispensers, etc.

In December 2004, the students of University Lumière (Lyon 2) elected their representatives using their CUMUL card. A first in Europe: 100% electronic student elections!
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Webtv petite Web TV
Web TV covers events and news at University Lumière (Lyon 2). Created in 2002 by SENTIER (New Technology Service), this concept really developed in 2004 when it started offering more significant results. Its programmes reflect in real-time life at the University.
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WifiWIFI at Lyon 2
Wi-fi at Lyon 2 - the simplicity and comfort of wireless broadband on both campuses!
To make things even easier on the campuses, the University offers wireless access to the Internet. If you have a computer equipped with a Wi-fi card, all you need to do is open a browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to access the Digital Working Environment of Lyon 2 and on all the Internet.
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