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[en]Publié le November 2, 2005

An externally-focused university

University Lumière Lyon 2 attaches great significance to international exchanges. It relies on 280 international cooperation and exchange agreements, 150 of which are within the scope of the European programme Erasmus.

The university maintains a close relationship with foreign educational institutions. This facilitates student and personnel exchanges (research lecturers and administrative staff).

Students can go on training courses and work placements or do part of their courses abroad. In 2005/2006, 950 students went abroad within the scope of an exchange programme. Thanks to the Minerve scheme, the students of  University Lumière Lyon 2 can follow courses with lecturers in foreign Universities.

Joint master's degrees enable students to obtain two diplomas: that of University Lumière Lyon 2 and that of the partner University. There are currently 10 joint master's degrees.

An international vision also requires significant  capacity to welcome foreign students. 15% of students at the university are foreign students. All the exchange programmes are managed by the International Relations Department (DRI). Students who come to lyon 2 by their own initiative (i.e. not within the scope of exchange programmes) are welcomed and assisted by MAEVA (the department in charge of welcoming students from abroad).

The international relations department is also a centre of research which is in charge of welcoming foreign researchers, organising joint seminars with foreign partners and supervising theses.

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