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[en]Publié le November 2, 2005

Innovative education within the European education scheme

Lyon 2 Lumière University is one of the first universities to have integrated the European higher education scheme right from the start of the academic year 2004. The courses are organised within the scope of the LMD' system (Bachelor's degree - Master's degree - PhD).

Lyon 2 Lumière University  offers a wide variety of courses  in 4 fields:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Languages, Foreign Literature and Culture; Applied Modern Languages; Performing Arts; Information & Communication; Latin and Greek; Modern Literature; Music; Psychology; Cognitive Sciences; Language Sciences)
  • Society and Environment (Public Administration; Planning; Anthropology; Geography; History; History of Art and Archaeology; Education Science; Political Sciences; Sociology)
  • Economics and Management (Economic and Social Administration; Econometrics; Economics and Management)
  • Law

Lyon 2 Lumière University  also offers professional Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees in science and engineering and a National Guide Interpreter Diploma.

All the courses are available to students as welle as those continuing professional education. Validating prior knowledge and experience acquired is another way of obtaining a diploma.

The University offers flexible tailored courses. Combining two major elements during semesters 1 and 2 of the Bachelor's degree facilitates greater choice of future career. Certain cross discipline courses are compulsory (languages, IT, methodology). The ability for students to exercise choice across a wide range of disciplines  ('UE libres') enables students to tailor their courses. These choices place the students within the scope of a truly personal and professional project.

Lyon Lumière University guarantees:
- training courses focused on new technologies;
- access to Europe and the world.
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