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Dynamic Region

[en]Publié le September 1, 2013

Capital city of the Rhône-Alpes region, Lyon is visited every year by tourists, students and professionals from many countries.

Lyon is a dynamic city at the heart of Europe.

Lyons constantly attracts a large number of tourists and business visitors. The city encourages the organisation of congresses and trade fairs (International City, Exhibition Centre).

Lyon is the second largest University centre in France after Paris. Each year, the city receives numerous foreign students who make up some 10 % of all students. The city is home to a number of  France's prestigious higher education institutes (École Normale Supérieure Lyon, École Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines, École Centrale Lyon, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, etc.) as well as a number of higly recognized research laboratories.

Lyon represents a major communication link between the North and South of Europe. Thanks to its dynamic nature, the city has become one of Europe's great metropolises. The city participates in many programmes with various regions both in Europe and worldwide.
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