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Founded in 1973, Université Lumière Lyon 2 welcomes nearly 30,000 students on its two campuses, ranging from undergraduate to doctoral level.

As a university of literature, languages, and human and social sciences, it is comprised of 13 teaching units spread over four main areas of teaching and research:
  1. Art, literature, languages;
  2. Law, economics, management;
  3. Human and social sciences;
  4. Science, technology, health.


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With 33 laboratories and four research federations, which cover the areas of literature, languages, and human and social sciences (LLSHS – Lettres, Langues, Sciences Humaines et Sociales), Université Lumière Lyon 2 bases its approach on innovation, interdisciplinarity, partnership and an international outlook.

Through the projects developed and coordinated by its 1000 researchers, the university would like to enable communication and discussion between the human and social sciences, on one hand, and the hard sciences, on the other, as well as to put research at the centre of current societal and scientific challenges.

Université Lumière Lyon 2 has a strong focus on international cooperation and currently has agreements with 350 institutions throughout the world. International students, whether part of an exchange programme or otherwise, account for more than 15% of the overall student body.

The university is committed to a policy of transferring and spreading knowledge as widely as possible and regularly holds cultural and scientific events that are open to all. On the basis of initiatives put forward by teacher-researchers, as well as a network of local and national cultural partners, it offers a programme of conference series, exhibitions and live performances, held both on and off-campus.

Most of these events are available as audio or video podcasts, to ensure that the largest possible number of people can watch or listen to them again, or for the first time
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