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Enrolling at University

[en]Publié le November 7, 2005

Once you have completed all administrative enrolment procedures you will be able to obtain your student card.

This card will serve as proof of student status and will enable you, amongst other, to attend lectures and use university facilities (libraries, Internet access, sports equipment). You will also receive a personal E-mail address which you should considered your professional E-mail address.
The student card will also entitle you to reduced rates in the University restaurants, reduced travel on public transport in Lyons and reduced-rate cinema tickets.

Your student card will have Études Intégrées' written on it.
This simply means that, in accordance with inter-university agreements, the course you will follow at the University will not result in the award of  a French qualification at the end of the year (except in the case of double diploma courses) and that you are exempt from paying the Lyon2 enrolment fee.

To complete administrative enrolment procedures at the Lumière Lyon 2 you will need the following documents:

Birth certificate. - required to obtain an INSEE* registration number.    
(*National Institute of  Statistics and Economic Studies, fr. Institut National de la  Statistique et des Etudes Economiques)

-  For students from a European Community country, social security certificate (European Health Cover card issued by the appropriate authorities of your country of origin)

Personal liability insurance certificate. Personal liability insurance is mandatory. Should you not already have this, you must take out a policy when enrolling at Lumière Lyon 2

Two identity photographs

Proof of course enrolment from the university where your studies were commenced (not obligatory but in many instances useful)
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