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Sport at the University

[en]Publié le November 3, 2005

The University Physical and Sporting Activities Club (Fr. : Service Universitaire des Activités Physiques et Sportives or SUAPS') offers a whole range of sports activities both in terms of type (competition sport, high-level sport, graded modules, sport for leisure) as well as level.

Regular practice of a sports activity as part of a SUAPS course may be credited throughout a Degree course as well as in certain Masters courses as cross discipline units UE study.

The SUAPS offers over 250 sports courses at the facilities on the Porte des Alpes campus which include:
  • imagetwo sports halls,
  • a dance studio,
  • a climbing hall,
  • an archery range,
  • a weight training gym,
  • exterior and indoor tennis courts.

imageAt the Berges du Rhône campus (basement of the CLIO building) offers :
  • a weight training gym,
  • a dance studio.

Not forgetting...
  • aquatic activities and a judo club at the DOUA campus,
  • jazz dance at Rockfeller/Laënnec,
  • karate, French-style boxing and a shooting range at the Manufacture des Tabacs'.
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